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Our Unique Rooms

There is one suite with a sitting room, bedroom and a porch. In addition there are four other rooms. By closing a door in the hallway, two rooms can become suites as well. The two rooms on the third floor can also become a suite by closing a door. All rooms have their own private bath or shower.
1. The Emma E. Deters Suite

This two-room suite has a large sitting room, bedroom, private bath and its own second floor porch. It is decorated almost entirely with antiques. The room is named after Miss Emma E. Deters, the first Registrar at the University of Buffalo. She served in that position for over forty years, beginning in 1916.
The Emma Deters Suite — lodgings in Lancaster, NY
Bedroom — lodgings in Lancaster, NY
The Olive Lester Room — lodgings in Lancaster, NY
2. The Olive P. Lester Room

Named after Dr. Olive P. Lester, this is a large, sunny room on the east side of the house. Dr. Lester lived in this house for over eighty years. She was an early feminist who served as the first woman to be the chair of a department in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Buffalo. Furnished with a magnificent Victorian bed and other beautiful antiques, the room has a large walk-in closet. The large bathroom has a shower and dressing area. This room and room #3 can become a suite.
3. The Ilma Lester Room

Facing west, this room looks out on the Trinity Episcopal Church. It is named after Olive Lester's younger sister, Ilma Lee Lester, who became a professor at the City College in New York City. The room features a beautiful Victorian bed and dresser which date to about the 1850s. It also has a fancy spindle room divider. There is a large bathroom with a shower. This room and #2 can become a suite.
The Martha and Levant Lester Room — lodgings in Lancaster, NY
4. The Martha and Levant Lester Room

With windows facing east, west and north, this forty-foot-long room is named after the parents of Olive and Ilma Lester. Martha Zurbrick Lester was a descendant of the Peckham family, one of the first families to settle in Lancaster in 1807. Levant Lester was an attorney who had an office in the house and in Buffalo. The room has two antique double beds, a sitting area and a desk area. The bathroom has a tub/shower. This room and room #5 can become a suite.
5. The Myron Clark Room

This cheerful room was named after Myron Clark, an attorney who built the house in 1891. He lived here only a few short years until his death. In 1895, the property was sold to Mary Turk, and in 1912, she sold it to her brother, Levant Lester. The room overlooks the front yard and three buildings across the street that were built in the early 1830s. The cannonball bed is a family heirloom. The private bath has a tub/shower. This room and room #4 can become a suite.
The Myron Clark Room — lodgings in Lancaster, NY

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